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• 10/23/2017

I need ideas.

I need a bit of help and suggestions for what I should crossover my persona 4 inaba stage. Does abypne have any ideas what game could cross over with it? I considered kt having multiple crossovers btw. If anyone has any suggestions then reply or message me please.

Thank you so much,
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• 8/21/2017

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• 11/30/2014

For all who like my ideas: Check out the TLO Wiki!

Hey guys! It's me, LeeHatake93, back to the PSASBR Wiki for a moment to talk about a burgeoning wiki created by Goopking, Coopergang1, and myself back in November of 2013. In this wiki, we post all of our video game ideas and we currently have 1,562 pages! I would like to invite you all to browse the wiki and perhaps give feedback on game and character concepts, as well as perhaps post your own video game ideas as blogs! Goop, Coop, and I look forward to possibly seeing our friends here at the PSASBR Wiki over at our own wiki and perhaps participating in forum discussions, polls, and the like! Whenever you guys want to drop by and check it out, we'll be ready for you!
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• 11/29/2014

Moveset template (Have any around here?)

Hey, I wasn't sure where to post a question, so I came here.
I wanna make a moveset for DLC characters, but are there any templates I could use? If so, I would like one, please.
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• 4/8/2014

Battle Royale Balance Patch is now LIVE!

The balance update that we've been waiting so long for has FINALLY arrived! Zeus and Isaac's skins ARE included!
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