Aperture Science
Aperture Science
Primary Representation Portal
Secondary Representation InFAMOUS

Aperture Science is the main location throughout the Portal series. It is where GLaDOS runs tests using humans as they are much better test subjects than robots.


  • GLaDOS (Portal)
  • Wheatley (Portal)
  • Conduits (InFAMOUS)


The arena takes place in the area where the player fought Wheatley at and GLaDOS in the background. GLaDOS will activate Thermal Discouragement Beams, an Excursion Funnel at the top that will have explosives from the InFAMOUS series in it such as gas tanks, grenades, and molotovs. There will be two switches on opposite side of the map that will turn the Excursion Funnel on and off dropping whatever is in it. GLaDOS the entire time will make snide remarks to the fighters and even make fun of them referencing them by their color like she does Atlas and P-Body. So she will call them either Red, Blue, Green, or Orange. Throughout the match you will start seeing Conduits in the background in Aperature Science jumpsuits as they are part of GLaDOS tests. GLaDOS will notice and start making remarks until she is suddenly replaced by Wheatley. While Wheatley is in charge Conduits will run around and cause havoc in the background shooting lightning, fire, and ice at GLaDOS who is now PotatOS and will throw her back and forth. Wheatley is a little awkward as he doesn't know how to really work any of the devices so throughout the match it can get pretty chaotic. Wheatley will spray a random Gel on the ground either making people move fast and slam into each other causing them to lose AP or fly into the air where other hazards may be. Wheatley though is more of a danger to himself them anyone as he will use Thermal Discouragement Beams that will go through Discouragement Redirection Cubes and strike the Conduits in the back and Wheatley himself. Conduits will shoot lightning, fire, and ice at the fighters occasionally and even try and operate the machines in the area causing items from their series to fall from Portal Spawners above foe and cause explosions or much worse. Near the end of the match having had enough of Wheatleys inability to control the lab the Conduits will replace Wheatley with GLaDOS.

  • GLaDOS Arena
  • GLaDOS
  • Wheatley
  • PotatOS


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