Bullworth Academy
Primary Representation Bully
Secondary Representation The Last of Us

Bullworth Academy is a DLC stage for Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale. The level is a mash-up of Bully and The Last of Us.


  • Gary Smith (Bully)
  • Russell Northrop (Bully)
  • Mandy Wiles (Bully)
  • Christie Martin (Bully)
  • Angie Ng (Bully)
  • Pinky Gauthier (Bully)
  • Johnny Vincent (Bully)
  • Lola Lombardi (Bully)
  • The Infected (The Last of Us)


The stage begins on campus. Many students are seen in the background, talking to each other, fighting, and chasing each other. Occasionally, students will throw things at the players.

Soon, the sky turns dark as Gary Smith is seen running away from something, screaming "Get back!" as he darts into the school. The Infected from The Last of Us swarm the campus and start attacking students. Gary manages to rally the students and a battle between students and the Infected ensues.


The first phase of the stage starts with a remix of Bully Walking Theme. The second phase contains a sample of the Menu Theme from The Last of Us.


  • Russell Northrop can be seen in the background saying the quotes he says in Bully.
  • Mandy, Angie, Christie, and Pinky can be seen cheerleading the combantants in the background.
  • Johnny can be seen arguing with his girlfriend Lola in the background.
  • The Clock from Bully is displayed on the top left side of the screen.
Stage Ideas
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