Corvo Attano is the main protagonist in Dishonored.
Corvo attano
Corvo Attano

Corvo Attano


Corvo Attano made his appearance in Bethesda's game "Dishonored". Framed for the assassination of the queen, and kidnapping of her daughter, Corvo who was once her body guard was thrown in jail. Escaping with just a sword and his skills he made his way out of jail, met with a group of rebels, and got his vengeance on those who wronged him. He is skilled in both melee and ranged fighting, and possesses special abilities bestowed upon him by the Outsider.



Corvo is with Emily after saving her from Farley Havelock telling taking her back to their home. Hearing a noise Corvo looks around taking his eyes off of Emily for just a moment and when he turns back he sees Emily is missing. Following instructions the Outsider gives him, Corvo sets off on another quest to save Emily.

RIVAL - Eleanor Lamb 
Eleanor Lamb

Eleanor Lamb

REASON - Corvo sees Eleanor playing with a Little Sister and at first thinks its Emily. Once he sees how the Little Sister looks he seems appalled, and asks if Eleanor turned Emily into a Little Sister referring to the Little Sister as an it. Eleanor gets angry that he calls the Little Sister an it stating that she is a living being, and does not deserve to be treated like a monster, and if he wants to see a monster she'll show him a monster. Corvo tells her that the Little Sister is a monster, one that he will put out of its misery.

CONNECTION - Corvo is search for Emily who is a little girl, and Eleanor protects little sisters. Both are betrayed by someone they thought they could trust, Corvo at the end of the game and Eleanor at the beginning of hers. While Corvo searches for Emily, Eleanor tries to help Delta find her making her the opposite of Emily (Emily being in distress, and Eleanor strong and able to defend herself).


Outsider: You seem more powerful now Corvo. Glad that Emily went missing?

Corvo: It was you that took her wasn't it?

Outsider: Now Corvo don't get upset. She is perfectly fine and doesn't remember a thing. Think of it this way, you can better protect her now. So next time I do you favor, thank me. You'll need this gift for whats to come.

Emily: What happened? Where am I?

Corvo: You're home Emily. You were just having a dream. Though I wonder, what exactly is on its way? I'll have to keep my guard up if I am to keep Emily safe. I'll die before I let anything happen to her!


Corvo is strictly a close up fighter having very limited ranged attacks. His attacks are based around his magical abilities mostly his blink which allows him to traverse maps with as much ease as Kat.



(Square Moves)

Collapseable Sword Slash - [2] Corvo slashes with his sword.

Sword Fury - [3][4][5] (After Collapseable Sword Slash or Blink Strike) Corvo repeatedly slashes his foes.

Blink Strike - Playstation-Lstick-Left or Playstation-Lstick-Right [6] Corvo Blinks foward and then slashes.

Assassin's Slash-Playstation-Lstick-Up [7] Corvo blinks diagonally and slashes his foes.

Assassin's Assault - Playstation-Lstick-Up [8][9][10][11] Corvo blinks diagonally and slashes his foes and grabs them blinking around them as he slashes repeatedly.

Assassin's Escape - Playstation-Lstick-Down[12] He sweeps a foes feet and blinks away from foe. Used primarily as an escape method. If he is in the air he slashes downwards and blinks away.

Btn triangle

(Triangle Moves)

Assassin's Arrow - Btn triangle Corvo shoots his crossbow forward.

Incendiary Arrow - Btn triangle (Hold) Corvo shoots an incendiary arrow that lights the foe on fire for a few seconds.

Sticky Grenade - Playstation-Lstick-Left or Playstation-Lstick-Right Btn triangle Corvo throws a sticky grenade at his foe that sticks to them and surfaces.

Explosive Shot - Playstation-Lstick-Up Btn triangle Corvo shoots an explosive bullet straight above him.

Spring Razor Trap-Playstation-Lstick-Down Btn triangle Corvo plants a Springrazor Mine on the ground.

Btn circle

(Circle Moves)

Assassin's Shot- Btn circle Corvo fires his pistol.

Assassin's Artilery- Btn circle Btn circle Btn circle Corvo fires his pistol rapidly.

Windblast - Playstation-Lstick-Left or Playstation-Lstick-Right Btn circle Corvo uses Windblast to launch the foe far away. Windblast also deflects projectiles.

Sky Windblast - Playstation-Lstick-UpBtn circle .Corvo shoots an upward Windblast.

Blink Ripost -Playstation-Lstick-Down Btn circle Corvo blocks the foes attack and parries, blinking behind them and slashes them.



Overkill - Playstation-Rstick-Left or Playstation-Rstick-Right Corvo slashes his foe blinks behind them and stabs them and then kicks them off his blade in quick succession.

Dark Launch - Playstation-Rstick-Up Corvo does an upward slash and then shoots his foe with an windblast.

Show Off - Playstation-Rstick-Down Corvo blinks upwards and does several forward flips slashing downward sending his foes into the ground.

Btn r2

(Super Moves)

Assassinate (Level 1) - Corvo blinks diagonally into the air and slashes downwards killing anything he touches.

Devouring Swarm (Level 2) - Corvo summons a swarm of mice that attacks his foes killing them on contact but they cannot get off the bottom floor once they are on it, but they can do little jumps. Corvo can also kill foes with a single strike.

Time Bend (Level 3) - Corvo slows down time for everyone on the map. During this time Corvo kills everyone with one hit. His square attacks are replaced with blink slashes. He will teleport and slash his opponent in whatever direction the control stick is in. His triangle attacks is replaced with regular bullets that freeze in midair, when time bend ends his bullets race off in the direction he has them pointed at, there can only be so many bullets on the map at once. Lastly, his Circle attacks are replaced with Possession. Once he Possesses a foe he can make them kill themselves. When a foe dies their body turns to ash and disappears like in the game if you took the Shadow Kill ability.


Emily - Corvo throws Emily in the air and then sets her down letting her run off.

Plague Rat - Corvo states that a single rat is more of a challenge than his foes.

Hidden Corvo - Corvo pretends to stalk his foes and falls asleep.



Blink - Corvo blinks into the map shadows and smoke surrounding him.

You Dirty Rat - A rat on the screen acts normal until Corvo stops using Possession on it and pops onto the screen.

My Darling Daughter - Corvo is kneeled down rubbing his hand on Emily's head.

Silence - Corvo stands there holding a finger to his mouth twirling his collapseable sword around.

Winning Screen

If Mask On Mask Off is selected - Corvo removes his mask and wipes the inside off putting it back on.

If Parlor Tricks is selected - Corvo plays around with his folding sword.

If Corvo Out is selected - Corvo stares at the screen holding his blade and makes a throat slitting motion and blinks out of the map.

If Outsider's Mark is selected - Corvo holds his fist infront of him and the Outsider's mark glows


If Mask On Mask Off is selected - Corvo kneels down and his mask falls off hitting the ground.

If Parlor Tricks is selected - Corvo throws his sword across the ground in anger.

If Corvo Out is selected - Corvo drops a smoke bomb on the field disappearing in it.

If Outsider's Mark is selected - Corvo grabs his hand in pain and you can hear a heavy heart beat.


The Drunken Whaler - The ending hums from The Druken Whaler plays and fades out


Assassin's Outfit

Corvo's Default Costume

-Dark Blue Cloak - His cloak is dark blue.

-White Cloak - His cloak is white.

-Purple Cloak - His cloak is purple.

Daud Outfit

Corvo wears Dauds outfit.

-Black Uniform - Corvo's outfit is entirely black.

-Dark Green Uniform - Corvo's outfit is entirely dark green.

-Dark Blue Uniform - Corvo's outfit is entirely dark blue.

Warfare Overseer

Corvo wears an Overseer costume

-Dark Blue - Corvo's outfit is entirely dark blue.

-White - Corvo's outfit is entirely white.

-Purple - Corvo's Outfit is entirely purple.


The Outsider can be unlocked when you reach level 8 with Corvo.
The Outsider

The Outsider


Corvo is the only character who can still get kills after his level 3 super is over.

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