Starting Background
Primary Representation Journey
Secondary Representation Shadow of the Colossus

Journey is a Playstation Exclusive that originally was only released on the Playstation Store. The game focuses on a robed figure with no direction or knowledge as to his goals the players just wander around the open desert.


  • The Traveler (Journey)
  • Malus (Shadow of the Colossus)


Much like the game fighters will start off in the desert with nothing but desert and hills in the background. The interesting part of the map is that is is the first forward scrolling map in the game. Meaning that as the match progressing the players will be forced to slowly walk up hills, jump on broken pillars and fight on them for a bit and then move on until the map comes to the end point of its "Journey". As the traveler stops you will see a crater in which Malus rises from and starts to shoot thunder bolts at the traveler in the background who dodges it giving an indication where the bolts will strike as Malus will only aim for the traveler. There are no red markings or any sign otherwise as to where the bolts will strike.

  • Starting Background
  • Moving Forward
  • Pillars
  • Near Journey's End
  • Malus
  • Malus Close-Up


  • This is the first map to be named after the Secondary Representation instead of the Primary Representation.
Stage Ideas
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