Modnation Level Editor
Modnation Racers Level Editor
Primary Representation Modnation Racers
Secondary Representation Katamari

The Modnation Level Editor is one of the key functions of the game Modnation Racers. In the Level Editor players can create whatever race track they desire with obstacles and scenery to boot.


  • Racers (Modnation Racers)
  • The King of All Cosmos (Katamari)


The map will start out as a blank slate like the map Dreamscape. Players will land and fight on the Track Editor as it goes in fast motion creating the track. Once the track has been created the players will land in the middle of the road as items pop up around them creating different sceneries around the fighters. Throughout the course of the match fighters will have to dodge racers which their location will be shown on either a blimp in the background or a sort of scoreboard behind them showing where they are and where the racers are. After some time the King of All Cosmos will come in and start throwing Katamari's around the map sticking to any random objects in the background and even racers and fighters. If a fighter is hit with a Katamari they are teleported to the middle of the map where they will be vulnerable. Once enough of the map is destroyed the level editor will start again and repopulate the scenery, the track will not be destroyed though it might add hills to the track giving a slope for fighters to fight on.

  • Level Editor
  • Broken Bridge
  • Modnation Stadium
  • Modnation Desert
  • The King of All Cosmos


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