Playstation 3 Console (Home Square)
PS3 Front
Primary Representation Playstation
Secondary Representation Eyepet

In celebration of the Playstation 3's success the Playstation Console will be turned into a battle arena.


  • PS Home avatars (Playstation)
  • Eye Pet Animal (Eye Pet)


For the first part of the match players will fight ontop of the PS3 while the PS3 default screen plays in the background. During the fight the Playstation Menu will scroll about checking out the latest games as the background changes between pictures of the characters franchises. The PS3 menu can hurt fighters when it goes to the trophies section. When looking at the trophy section trophies will fall from the sky of different value from Bronze to Platinum. If struck by the trophies players lose a little AP but are left otherwise unharmed but the higher up the trophy the more AP they will lose so players struck by Bronze Trophies will lose less AP than those hit by Gold Trophies. At the end of the trophy shower a Platinum Trophy will fall and if hit by the Platinum Trophy the fighter will be launched to either side of the map and lose a lot of AP. One of the most noteable features of Playstation 3 Console is when one of the players dies you will see a message in the upper right corner that says "(Player Name, I.E Kratos) is Offline", and when they spawn the message will pop up again saying "(Player Name) is Online." After the first part of the match is over the Playstation Menu will click on the PS Home Icon and the back of the screen will load up the new Home Square. In Home Square there are no hazards immedietly giving fighters a chance to show their skills before the hazards come and help scale the battle. After awhile in the background you will see the Eye Pet come into play using a Playstation Move controller. With this controller he will draw props and items that will fall ontop of players or that players can jump on to ride across the map. Eye Pet will occasionally run around the map playing with the PS Home avatars and play some games in the background such as basketball.

  • PS3 Front
  • PS3
  • Home Square
  • Home Square 2
  • Home Square 3


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