Point Prometheus
Primary Representation BioShock
Secondary Representation flOw

Rapture is the main location of the first two installments of the Bioshock series. It was suppose to be an underwater utopia for those who want to escape the oppression of Government. Unfortunately, it has turned into a nightmare for all those who inhabit it.


  • Frank Fontaine (BioShock)


In the stage fighters do not start out in Rapture but start out on the back of the Micro-organisms of the game flOw. The fighters will have to hop from organism to organism or fall off and be teleported on the back of the lead organism and lose a bit of AP. The fighters will notice that in the distance is Rapture. After a while the organisms crash through one of the glass tubes and land into Point Prometheus the battlefield where Frank Fontaine is fought. The ground soaked with water and the foes fighting on it the organism is soon dragged away by Frank Fontaine. Throughout the fight organisms from flOw will hit the glass in the background shaking Rapture and angering Frank Fontaine causing him to change between forms fire, ice, and lightning. Frank will glow dark blue, red, or light blue giving fighters a signal of his upcoming attacks. When he glows dark blue Frank Fontaine will discharge electricity and shock the battlefield draining fighters AP if they do not get off the ground. When Frank Fontaine glows red he begins to throw fireballs at fighters causing explosions and sending fighters flying after making them lose a bit of AP. Lastly, Frank Fontaine will glow light blue in this mode he will throw frozen icicles at fighters and if he hits them they freeze just how they were allowing fighters to attack them.

  • Point Promethius
  • Frank Fontaine


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