Voiced By TBA
Franchise Primal
Appears in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale
Debut Primal

Scree is a gargoyle-like creature for the video game Primal who serves as Jen's guide and companion.


Scree has often served as a spy for Arella, due to his ability to transform into stone, he has been able to infiltrate both Aetha and Volca strongholds to gather information prior to the events in Primal.

His greatest nemesis is that of Belahzur, who he holds great hatred and anger for. As is Belahzur Abaddon's right hand man, Scree is Arella's and past history between the two has always been heated and aggressive.

Through his venture with Jen, Scree appeared as loyal and noble, welcoming new challenges and obstacles – though through his journey, he was often exposed to situations of which he had no prior experience. But his confident, philosophical nature never allowed him to lose his belief that he and Jen would succeed in their challenge, even though he constantly felt frustrated by both the physical limitations of his size and Jen's impulsive tendencies.

Connection with All-StarsEdit

Scree is a minion that becomes unlocked if the player reaches rank 8 with Jen. He also appears in her Arcade story and plays roles in two of Jen's super moves.


  • Originally, Scree was voiced by Andreas Katsulas of Babylon 5 fame. Katsulas passed away February 13, 2006.