Voiced By Donna Mae Wong
Franchise The Legend of Dragoon
Appears in PlayStation All-Stars FanFiction Royale
Debut The Legend of Dragoon

Shana is a major and playable character in The Legend of Dragoon.


Shana (シェーナ, Shēna) is a young woman, only 18 years old and the childhood friend of Dart Feld. She lives in the town of Seles as the Mayor's adopted daughter and grew up to live in relative peace until the Sandoran raid where she is targeted for unknown reasons and kidnapped. Taken to Hellena Prison, she is soon rescued by Dart and Lavitz Slambert and chooses to accompany them on their journey. It is not until the battle with Urobolus that the party realizes there is something special about her. Later during the story, after contracting a sickness, she is healed by the Dragoon Spirit of the Silver Dragon, which then responds to her as it did to it's previous owner Shirley. From that point on, she becomes the Dragoon of the Silver Eye Dragon until a later point where she is replaced by Miranda, a Sacred Sister of Mille Seseau.

It is revealed on the phantom ship that Shana was actually the princess and twin sister to Louvia, both of the daughters of the former queen of Mille Seseau.

Connection with All-StarsEdit

  • Shana appears as a minion that can be unlocked by reaching Rank 8 with Dart Feld.