Vacation Roll is one of Roll's DLC costumes in MegaMan: Powered Up. Roll wears a blue ribbon, black shades, red top, shorts and sandles. She also attacks with a parasel.

Connection to All-StarsEdit

  • Vacation Roll can be one of Roll's DLC costumes that can be purchase at Playstation Store (the other being Roll.EXE).

Color SchemesEdit

  • Blue ribbon, black shades, red top, light blue shorts and light blue sandles (default)
  • Red ribbon, black shades, blue top, orange shorts and orange sandles
  • Green ribbon, Red shades, pink top, purple shorts and purple sandles
  • Pink ribbon, green shades, grey top, black shorts and black sandles


  • A another version of this costume appeared in an issue of the MegaMan comic book series. Only instead of a blue ribbon, Roll had her classic green one.